Crispy Fries Without The Grease

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Crispy and salty on the outside, tender on the inside and absolutely addictive: we’re describing French fries, of course. No food has captured the American imagination and taste buds more thoroughly, and none has had such a disastrous effect on our collective waistline. It’s time to give fries the modern upgrade they need since nobody wants to give them up altogether. Making Air Fryer French Fries right at home is a healthy compromise.

If you’re not sure how an air fryer works, here’s the low-down. This countertop appliance circulates hot air at great speed around food to produce a crispy texture similar to frying at a fraction of the time and with little or no oil necessary. If there is one dish you need to try with your new appliance, it’s Air Fryer French Fries.

In just a few minutes and with only a very small amount of olive oil and cooking spray, you can “fry” up a batch of Air Fryer French Fries for yourself and the whole family. There is no danger of spattering grease, and the process won’t heat up your entire kitchen. Also, your potatoes won’t be swimming in grease after their submersion in a pot of hot oil. If you’re cooking for a big family or group of friends, you might need to divide your task into several batches because the baskets of most air fryers are relatively small.

Thanks to modern food preparation ingenuity, we can still enjoy that tantalizing taste of French fries. Better still, the experience can be nearly guilt-free. Why not make a batch today?

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