A Beginners Guide to Buying French Property

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France is a beautiful country, and this is reflected by the number of tourists who flock its numerous attractions. With many attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and palace of Versailles, one might consider owning a property in France. However, you do not just wake up and decide to acquire one. You need to practice due diligence before spending your money and acquiring a new asset. 

Things to Consider before Making a Purchase 


You need to first consider what the reason behind purchasing the property is. This element enables you to follow the right path. You may want a holiday home which you may be using once or twice a year. Alternatively, you may want the new home as a permanent residence. You could also buy a french property for sale provence for investment purposes whereby you rent it out to tourists and locals. 

Payment Method 

You have to make a decision on which payment method you are going to use to acquire the property. It may be through a mortgage, remortgaging your house or if you have enough money to spare pay cash. There are also other factors to consider such as the agency fees, notaire (legal) fees, the mortgage deposit as well as the purchase deposit. 

Purchase Deposit 

This is only paid once you have been able to put your signature on the sale agreement contract. It usually comprises of between 5 to 10 % of the property purchase price. The deposit paid is usually held by the agent or the notaire until the payment is completed. 

Mortgage Deposit 

It usually varies and is dependent not just on your citizenship, but also on your place of residency, and the country where you pay your income taxes. If you are not a French citizen, you are expected to pay at least 25 to 30 % of the purchase price. 

Notaire Fees 

If you are purchasing a new property, the legal as well as taxation costs are around 3 to 4 % of the purchase price. The amount rises to 6 to 7 % if it is an already existing property. To the amounts you have to add 0.5% of the borrowed amount for registering the mortgage. 

Agency Fees 

You also need to be aware of the agent cost. It’s usually around 5-7 % of the total valuation and is included in the sale price. In most cases, the seller pays the agent fees after the deal goes through. 


You need to speak to professionals before acquiring a french property for sale provence or any other area in order to have a seamless experience. 

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